TORONTO -- Physical distancing measures won’t prevent art lovers from admiring the works of Vincent van Gogh in an upcoming digital art exhibition that will allow them to take in the masterpieces from the comfort of their cars.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers of the “Immersive Van Gogh” exhibit are allowing ticket-holders to drive their vehicles inside the 4,000 square foot Toronto Star industrial warehouse housing the digital art beginning June 18.

The exhibition, which was initially set to open May 1, will display some of the most famous works by the famed Dutch painter, such as “Starry Night,” and “Sunflowers,” through the use of light, sound, and digital projections.

Corey Ross, co-producer of “Immersive Van Gogh,” said there will be digital projections on every surface inside the industrial printing press room of the Toronto Star building.

“The first thing that strikes you when you see the show is this transformation of steel beams and brick walls into organic sunflowers and clouds and waves,” he told CTV News Channel on Thursday.

Ross said they had already sold a lot of tickets for the show when the pandemic struck earlier this year. 

“We started to hear all of the other arts organizations in town and across Ontario and really across Canada have ceased operations and arts workers are losing their jobs… And that motivated us even more, we had to figure out a way that we can open this show,” he recalled.

The warehouse has a loading dock that Ross said he regularly drove up during the construction phase of the exhibit.

“So it struck me one day that if I can negotiate this ramp and drive up this ramp, then maybe the public can do it as well. That was the kernel of the idea,” he said.

The drive-in experience will allow 14 vehicles inside the warehouse for each timeslot. Patrons will be able to park, turn off the engine, and watch the 35-minute show from inside their vehicles.

Tickets for the drive-in exhibit, which runs from June 18 to June 25, were first available to customers who already had tickets for the walk-thru experience and are now open to the public, Ross said.

He said they will allow up to six people per vehicle and anyone who buys a drive-thru ticket will be given an additional complimentary ticket to return to the exhibit when the walk-thru experience opens in July.