A recording of the song "What Goes On," by The Beatles, dating from 1963 is currently up for sale on the British version of the eBay website.

According to Billboard, this 1963 demo predates The Beatles' recording, sung by Ringo Starr, featured on the album "Rubber Soul," released in 1965.

This earlier version is sung by John Lennon, who wrote the song. In a short 30-second extract, Paul McCartney can also be heard singing harmony. According to the eBay description, some piano notes can be heard in the background towards the end of the track.

The vinyl demo disc was reportedly given by George Harrison to his brother Harry or to another family member. It was sold along with other items in December 2012 at Bonhams auction house.

The eBay auction ends October 1.

Listen to an extract from the "What Goes On" demo recording: https://youtu.be/OYTTfCVXFSg