A Toronto-based artist is taking her daughter's work beyond the refrigerator door, painting between the lines and selling the work online.

Ruth Oosterman takes her 2-year-old daughter Eve's doodles and turns them into a series of paintings being featured on online shopping site Etsy.

Eve draws original "sketches" with a black ink pen on white cardstock, then Oosterman uses watercolour paints to turn the series of scribbles into a "grownup" painting.

Oosterman posts time-lapse videos of the process on her blog, with before and after shots of the pieces.

The unidentifiable scribbles become owls, elephants, nature scenes and children. The pieces take 30 to 60 minutes. Oosterman says her daughter thinks her mother's changes are funny.

"She likes being able to choose which drawing I get and stands by helping me choose what colors to use. Once she sees the video time lapse we create of our process she makes me put it on repeat, over and over," Oosterman said in her latest blog post.

In another post, she wrote that she loves the creativity children bring out in adults.

"As we get older we tend to create this box that everything is supposed to fit neatly into... As a child there is no box. It is just endless freedom to explore any and every possible avenue of creativity and adventure."

Prints of the paintings are available online for between $28.25 and $39.55, and all proceeds go to Eve's college fund.


Mother and daughter create then sell paintings

Mother and daughter create and sell paintings

Mother and daughter selling paintings

Mother and daughter sell paintings

Mother and daughter sell paintings