TORONTO -- The Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing with hundreds of movies set to unspool through Sept. 20. Here's a look at a Canadian project trying to break through at the 11-day movie marathon:

Film: "Fire Song"

Synopsis: A closeted gay Anishinaabe man is forced to choose between staying in his community to take care of his mother after the suicide of his sister or exploring the possibilities of the world outside.

Director: Adam Garnet Jones

Hometown: Toronto

Age: 33

The origins: "I feel like there's versions of this story I've heard again and again and again though my whole life from different people who've lived in small communities and come to the city, or decided to stay at home where there's this strong desire to stay in the community and live there and thrive ... and suicide is an enormous part of that."

On changing attitudes: "Just (recently) Six Nations had their first pride parade and it was the first pride parade on any reserve in Canada. So that was really exciting. But it's a really big reserve and it's close to Toronto so the attitudes there are a little bit more progressive, a little more welcoming. But a lot of communities, particularly in the North and particularly communities that have been influenced really strongly by Christianity, it's really not talked about and it's not OK and there's a lot of violence and suicide related to queer identity."