MONTREAL - Quebec actor Albert Millaire, whose 50-year television and theatre included spells at the Stratford Festival in Ontario, has died at the age of 83.

His agency, Premier Role, says Millaire passed away Wednesday surrounded by friends and family.

Premier Role said Millaire continued until his dying minutes to talk passionately about his career.

Millaire contracted cancer in 2000 and had been seen less in recent years.

He played Sir Wilfrid Laurier in a miniseries in 1987 about the former prime minister.

The Montreal-born Millaire studied in Quebec City, Paris and London and was featured in Shakespeare and Moliere productions.

His five years in Stratford included involvement with Quebec playwright Michel Tremblay's “Bonjour, la, bonjour.”

He also played in “Road to Avonlea” and “Adventures in Rainbow Country.”