The U.S. director, whose feature film career began with 1964 sci-fi thriller "Firelight," has passed an international box office gross of US$10 billion after "Ready Player One" pushed him past the milestone.

Prolific director Steven Spielberg has presided over $10B-worth of international box office revenue, according to reporting from The Wrap.

Spielberg's 1993 hit "Jurassic Park" accumulated $983.8 million world, per The Wrap's figures, unadjusted for inflation.

"Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" racked up $786.6M, despite an extremely poor reception in critical terms, while "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial" made $717M all told.

Spielberg is also well associated with seaside thriller "Jaws," wartime drama "Saving Private Ryan," Frank Abagnale biopic "Catch Me If You Can," and H.G. Wells adaptation "War of the Worlds" which, along with "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and the above, figure among his top ten worldwide grossing movies according to data sourced from Box Office Mojo.

Considering the $4B gap between Spielberg and cinema's second placer, Peter Jackson, it might seem that the "Jurassic Park" man will hold onto his title for some time to come.

Yet that may not be the case, given the way that box office grosses are growing.

For example, the current top 100 all-time top grossing movies starts at $709M worldwide, per Box Office Mojo. Spielberg's output accounts for only three of those films.

Peter Jackson is at $6.5B, the majority of which comes from just six films, the "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" movies, each of which is top 100 material.

Next up is Michael Bay ($6.4B), having helmed all five "Transformers" blockbusters to date; in third is James Cameron ($6.1B), the bulk of his tally coming from the two highest grossing movies of all time, "Avatar" and "Titanic."

And that's why Cameron could be the next highest grossing director of all time: four more "Avatar" films are on the way, beginning with "Avatar 2" in 2020.