A Star Wars-themed bar has opened its doors in Ottawa, drawing hordes of fans dressed as Jedi and aliens from the classic film franchise.

The Cantina is modelled after a bar of the same name in the original film, “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” and serves drinks such as the Yoda, a greenish concoction with melon and apple liqueur, and Bantha Milk, a milky blue libation popular among a woolly mammoth-like variety of aliens. (They also have beer.)

For bar co-owner Tyler Wood, it’s those little details that he hopes will make the Cantina come to life for die-hard fans.

“It was incredible,” Wood told CTVNews.ca, describing how a fan dressed up as Darth Vader and lingered outside the doors during the grand opening on Saturday. “We were pretty overwhelmed most of the day. We ran out of a bunch of stuff.”

Movie posters, figurines and film stills line the walls, which are painted sandy-brown as an homage to the arid planet of Tatooine, home to Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

The owners have operated a Star Wars board-game store next door, The Kessel Run, for about a year, and regularly throw Star Wars parties complete with costumes and film screenings.

By opening the bar, which seats about 30 people, they say they hope to “fill a hole” in the city’s board game scene – that is, a board game bar with alcohol, similar to Toronto’s Snakes and Lagers.

“The spot next to our retail store came up and we just jumped on it,” said co-owner Jeff St. Pierre, who describes himself as a lifelong Star Wars fan.

Concerns of copyright infringement “was a consideration,” St. Pierre says, and great care was taken in creating the bar’s own original logo. He added that if Disney, which owns the franchise, raised legal concerns, “we’d sit down with them.”

With the upcoming Star Wars film, “Episode VII - The Force Awakens,” set to premiere December 18, the co-owners say they’re hoping fans will gather at the Cantina to swap plot theories and maybe play some board games over a couple ice-cold Yodas.

Even after the hype subsides, St. Pierre says he believes fans will still want a place to share their love for the films.

“Star Wars is relevant now, it’s going to be relevant for so many years,” he said.

The Cantina is located at 2803 St. Joseph Blvd. in Orléans.

A Harry Potter-themed bar in Toronto called The Lockhart recently drew international attention after it opened in Toronto's west end.

With files from CTV Ottawa