Fans are hitting back against an obituary that mocked bestselling Australian author Colleen McCullough’s looks and weight by evoking their own perceived shortcomings in 140 characters or less.

McCullough died Thursday at age 77 following a prolonged illness. McCullough was the author of 25 novels, including The Thorn Birds, which sold 30 million copies worldwide.

She was also a neurophysiologist who spent a decade as a researcher at Yale University.

The writer of an obituary that appeared in Friday’s The Australian, however, thought it best to start by mentioning that although McCullough was “plain of feature, and certainly overweight, she was, nevertheless a woman of wit and warmth.”

That’s followed up with a quote from McCullough noting that although she’s not interested in “clothes or figure,” she has no trouble attracting men.

The first wave of social media scorn began with tweets of the obituary itself. The second wave began when Twitter users started writing their own obituaries, which had the #MyOzObituary hashtag trending worldwide on Friday.











According to a report at Crikey, it appears that the author who pre-wrote the obituary years ago, which is the custom for prominent public figures, died some time ago.