Scarlett Johansson shared a moment in the spotlight with her “grandma” lookalike at the movie premiere of her latest film.

Grandmother Geraldine Dodd posed with the movie star at the June 12 premiere for the comedy “Rough Night” in New York. The pair met months after Dodd’s grandson, who goes by the name denverjoel online, posted on Reddit a 1967 photo of his grandmother, noting her striking resemblance to the actress.

The Reddit post went viral, catching the attention of Johansson herself. In a one-minute video posted to YouTube in April, Johansson invited her lookalike to the premiere, and to “have a drink.”

Turns out grandma was game.

In red carpet photos taken at the movie premiere, Johansson, in a sparkly metallic dress, poses and laughs with Dodd. The photos show the pair holding matching clutch purses with each other’s names written on them.

Dodd’s grandson also apparently attended the premiere. In a series of Reddit posts titled “Scarlett Johansson Wants to Party With My Grandma,” denverjoel posted an album documenting the New York trip, and their night on the town with Johansson.

Denverjoel wrote that his grandmother is 72. The now-viral photo, in which Dodd poses with denverjoel’s grandfather, was taken when she was 22.

Denverjoel and his grandmother both live in Arkansas.