TORONTO -- Singer and songwriter Sam Smith praised Canadian popstar Celine Dion’s new album ‘Courage’ Saturday, crediting Dion for inspiring their singing career.

Smith co-wrote the song “For the Lover That I Lost” on the album, released Friday, a heart-wrenching ballad that points to Dion’s grief after losing her husband in 2016.

“Celine, you are my everything and you are the reason I even sang in the first place,” Smith tweeted Saturday, noting they were “truly honoured” to have co-written the track.

“All hail the queen, the legend and the icon.”

"Courage" is Dion’s first English-language album since the passing of her husband, Rene Angelil, and brother, Daniel, only two days apart.

“You’ve been on my mind every single night/I can’t visualize life without you,” she sings in the song.

“All of the memories feel like magic/all of the fighting seems so sweet/all that we were, my love, is tragic.”