He might be the biggest name in Hollywood, and he’s never been on screen -- well, at least the big one.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford landed in Los Angeles on Saturday where he was greeted by late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who was dressed like a chauffeur and holding a sign with Ford’s name on it.

“How are you? Welcome to Los Angeles,” Kimmel said to Ford as the two shook hands. Kimmel then asked Ford if he had any luggage and offered to take it for him.

The two men then walked through the Los Angeles airport, as cameras flashed and a handful of reporters followed behind.

Last week, the mayor had hinted to viewers on his “Ford Nation" YouTube series they could look forward to his future appearance on an unnamed show. Now it most certainly appears that Ford will be appearing on Kimmel’s show.

While Ford was all smiles on Saturday, Kimmel has been ruthless in mocking the mayor ever since allegations first surfaced that Ford could be seen on a video smoking crack cocaine. The late-night jabs kept coming after Ford admitted in November that he had in fact smoked crack in a “drunken stupor.”

Ford told the Toronto Sun that he also plans on attending Sunday’s Academy Awards while in Los Angeles.

And it wasn’t just in Tinseltown where Ford was a big hit. During a Mardi-Gras parade in New Orleans Friday night, one float featured a larger-than-life Ford holding a crack pipe and billowing smoke.