A nine-year-old boy from a small Ontario town got to experience a slice of Hollywood fame, after a script he wrote was performed for ‘The Tonight Show.’

Leo Chicoine, from Tiny Township, Ont., penned a script starring a lonely, mansion-owning duck named Quacky and its neighbour Elliott, and submitted it to Jimmy Fallon's show for a segment dubbed "Kid Theater."

Elementary-school aged children were invited to submit stories that had to be titled "Gold.”

"I just started writing," Leo said when asked about his inspiration.

But his parents didn't realize their budding screenwriter son’s work had been picked until they heard actor Matthew McConaughey perform the role of Quacky during the segment that aired in December.

"We were shocked and surprised," said Leo’s mother Sara. "I was jumping up and down."

Leo even got a shout-out from McConaughey after the skit.

"We thought it was funny," added his father Eric.

But Leo has been humble about his quick time in the spotlight, not telling classmates until his teacher taped and showed the skit to classmates.

Despite his brief brush with Hollywood, Leo says he's firmly fixated on accomplishing his true career goal: becoming a hockey player.

His parents believe that this experience shows their son will be successful in whatever he does.

"You can have success in different fields: sports, writing or anything you want," said his mother.

With a report from CTV Barrie's Brandon Rowe