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Niall Horan tell-all: 'The Show,' possible 1D reunion, mentoring

Niall Horan says his new album, "The Show," is based on how things are going for him.

"I'm in a good spot," Horan told CTV's Your Morning Friday. "There's no heartbreaks, everything's good. Life is going well. When life's good, you make good stuff."

The singer-songwriter released the album on June 9 and will be touring in 2024. He told CTV that fans will also hear songs from his previous album, "Heartbreak Weather," during next year's tour.

"The Show" is Horan's third studio album since the boyband he was a part of went on hiatus in 2015.

Horan was asked if a One Direction reunion is possible in the future.

"We're all in the same boat, because there's no conversation about it. We don't have an answer, apart from that," he said. "I wouldn't say no. It just hasn't happened."

For now, he says, he is focusing on his new album, the creation of which spanned over several months.

"I wrote the title track of the album kind of in the middle of the lockdown…Then took a little bit of time, wrote another ballad on the record — 'Science' — later on that year, and then didn't do anything for a little bit until the world opened up," he said.

"The pandemic allowed you to feel good and bad, allowed you to spend a lot of time up here, chatting away to yourself and coming up with ideas," he said.

Once Horan was in the studio, he worked on the album for 18 months.

Horan is also a judge on the talent show "The Voice," where he mentors up-and-coming singers, a callback to how he got his start on the show "X Factor."

"I have that empathy with them," he said. "And just I've really enjoyed the song selection side of it, nurturing them through the competition….I just think having been on a show like that has brought a lot more to the table than I would have thought."


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