Nick Lachey plans to take his son on tour.

The singer - who is reuniting with his group 98 Degrees and joining forces for a summer tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men from May - admits there is no way he could leave his five-month-old son Camden for that long so he is going to bring him and his wife Vanessa along for the trip.

He told "Camden will be on tour for sure. I'm not going to spend 2 1/2 months away from my son. That would be tragic.

"Literally today we found a little bit of blood on the towel he was chewing on, so I think we're about to see his first tooth. He's been teething for a while, but we haven't seen a tooth. That's pretty exciting."

The 39-year-old heartthrob, who was previously married to Jessica Simpson, also revealed he is still planning a romantic day for Vanessa this Valentine's Day to make her feel extra special.

He said: "You obviously have to kind of rethink plans with the little one at home. You still got to celebrate. You still got to take that moment to recognize each other. It all started with that - you don't want to lose sight of it."

Nick previously admitted he finds fatherhood "incredible".

He said: "I didn't come in with any expectations other than it would be incredible. It's a journey, a new surprise, a new experience, a new expression. It's been great. Diapers are no problem! I had a little training with the niece and nephew with diaper duty, and yeah, I've got no problem changing diapers. It makes for good bonding moments with me and the little guy."