TORONTO -- Canadian actress Rachel McAdams is putting her name in for a "Mean Girls" sequel -- as long as screenwriter Tina Fey is attached.

"I'll follow Tina Fey anywhere," McAdams said in an interview on Friday.

"She's our master-in-chief on this one. So, if she's into it, then I'm into it."

McAdams starred alongside Lindsay Lohan in the 2004 high school comedy, playing Regina George, the bossy leader of the "Plastics" clique of popular girls.

The film quickly became a box-office hit and a pop culture phenomenon.

"I could've never imagined it would have legs like this," McAdams said.

"It's one of those ones where you read it and you think it's special, but you just never know."

Earlier this month, Lohan sparked talk of another movie when she posted a "throwback" photo on Instagram of herself with co-stars McAdams and Lacey Chabert. She added the message: "Miss you all... sequel?"

Her post immediately caught the attention of fellow actor Daniel Franzese who said he was ready to return to his role as Damien.

The "Mean Girls" sensation hasn't slowed since its release 12 years ago. Fey is currently reworking the film into a new theatre musical alongside her composer husband Jeff Richmo. It's expected to debut next year.

McAdams is working on other projects of her own, starring in Marvel's "Doctor Strange," which arrives in theatres Nov. 4.

But she's still interested in seeing where Fey would take her "Mean Girls" character so many years after graduation.

"I'd just like to see what happened to her," she said.

"She's probably had a very interesting life. I can't even imagine what trouble she's gotten into."