TORONTO - Madonna fans can expect to hear some new tunes in the future from the Material Girl.

Madonna says plans are already in the works for a new album.

But the music icon says the details are top secret.

In the meantime, it's fitness that's top of mind for the pop superstar.

Madonna was in Toronto for the official launch of her luxury fitness brand Hard Candy Fitness.

The Toronto club opened for business in October.

It joins international locations in Berlin, Rome, Sydney, Santiago, Mexico City, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Classes at Hard Candy Fitness are based on Madonna's daily workouts.

Madonna says dance has always been a big part of her shows.

And she can't imagine not having movement, dance and fitness being a part of her work.

A select few got to see Madonna in action as she led the cardio-based Addicted to Sweat class while in Toronto.

Several people also auditioned for a chance to break a sweat alongside the star.