It’s your last chance to watch Chris Hadfield’s famous 'Space Oddity' video as it will come down Tuesday.

The now-retired Canadian astronaut announced on Twitter Tuesday that his cover of the David Bowie tune could only be posted online for one year.

“Bowie’s last day – we had permission for a year, so our Space Oddity video comes down today,” Hadfield wrote.

The video -- which was shot in orbit during Hadfield’s 5-month stay on the International Space Station -- has been viewed more than 22.4 million times since it was posted to YouTube.

He released his cover of the song as a music video tribute to his time in space, reworking some of the lyrics to refer to the ISS: "Lock your Soyuz hatch and put your helmet on.... Detach from station and may God's love be with you."

His return to Earth in May 2013 marked the end of Hadfield’s role as the pilot of the massive, orbiting research station, which saw him become the first Canadian to command the ISS.