Kiefer Sutherland, best known for his role as Jack Bauer in the TV show “24,” was “seriously injured” while he was on his European music tour in Denmark.

The actor and singer slipped on the steps of his tour bus and injured a rib, according to an Instagram post.

Sutherland cancelled the remaining three stops on his European tour because his injury was "making it difficult to breathe and impossible to sing."

He promised fans that he will make up for the missed shows in Denmark and Sweden in September and October when he returns to Europe.

“I am so sorry for any inconvenience that I have caused to the fans who have bought tickets,” Sutherland said. He’s currently in Europe to promote his second album “Reckless & Me."

Sutherland, who recently starred as the fictional U.S. President Tom Kirkman in Netflix’s “Designated Survivor,” even poked fun at himself on Saturday and tweeted a GIF of a cat falling down the stairs.

“Thank you all for your incredible kindness and support," Sutherland wrote in the caption. "We'll be back on the road before you know it... and I promise to be more careful walking downstairs on a moving bus!"

Although he’s been an actor for decades, appearing in films such as “Stand By Me” and “The Lost Boys,” he’s focusing on being a professional musician. In 2016, he released his debut album “Down in a Hole.”