The 54-year-old actor answered a series of smoking hot questions on the social networking website in which he revealed embarrassing facts about himself, including his high-maintenance skincare regime and childhood kleptomaniac tendencies.

When asked what one thing he would never do in front of someone else was, he confessed to the Huffington Post as part of their #nofilter challenge: "Moisturise."

Quizzed as to whether he had ever stolen anything, he said: "Rubber animal erasers at age 5."

The 'Mystic River' actor forms one half of rock duo The Bacon Brothers with his sibling Michael and despite performing together since 1995, they sometimes still struggle to bring home the bacon because of sibling rivalry and each others' annoying habits.

Asked what Michael's most annoying habit is, Kevin scoffed: "Eating dinner at 9."

Michael admitted his own nerves get fried when Kevin is always "talking on his cellphone when I have so many interesting stories to tell".

Kevin also revealed his favourite food of all time is kale and says he always has a large amount of the cabbage stocked in his refrigerator.