In his tweet, the artist revealed an image of a Sony minidisc that looks very similar to the cover of "Yeezus," leading to speculation that "Yandhi" will serve as a kind of "Yeezus" follow-up. (Note that as "Yeezus" is a play on "Jesus," "Yandhi" could possibly be a play on "Gandhi.")

Yeezus," Kanye's sixth album, was released in 2013 and has been followed by "The Life of Pablo" and "Ye," making "Yandhi" potentially his ninth studio album.

While its release is clearly slated for Sept. 29, however, it is unclear whether the record will be a full album or a new track.

Just moments before sharing the minidisc image, Kanye shared a screenshot of an announcement from "Saturday Night Live" revealing "Yandhi" as the show's musical guest for Sept. 29.

However, when SNL broke the news on its own Twitter account, "Yandhi" was replaced by "Kanye West" in the line-up.

Despite the unknowns, it appears fans can safely expect all or part of "Yandhi" to get its live premiere on the evening of Sept. 29.