Justin Bieber misses his mother when he is on tour.

The 18-year-old singer always wanted to get rid of his mom, Pattie Mallette, when she used to go on the road with him. Now she's not around as much Bieber pines for her help.

Bieber said: "I do miss her, yeah, I mean especially now being 18. Before when I was round her all the time, like, every day, I was getting sick of her and I would look forward to her leaving, like, 'Yes mom's leaving tomorrow!'

"And now I'm like, 'When is mom coming back?' Because I don't see her that often so you know it's funny how those things change."

Although the 'Boyfriend' hitmaker -- who is dating Selena Gomez -- is one of the biggest stars in the world with access to the best clubs and bars, he claims he rarely has time to go out partying because he is always so tired due to his work commitments.

Speaking on U.K. TV show 'Daybreak', Bieber said: "I don't really go out ... I'm super busy, so by the end of the night I'm super tired ... We don't go clubbing, we just hang out low-key and just chill."