Jared Leto is "glad" he is only experiencing huge success now.

The 42-year-old star has won multiple awards for his performance as transgender AIDS victim Rayon in 'Dallas Buyers Club,' while his band Thirty Seconds to Mars have enjoyed their best chart performances with their most recent album 'Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.'

Though Leto is aware his career is going through a "crazy" time, he says is "very respectful" of the direction his life is going in.

Leto told Flaunt magazine: "This is a crazy time in my life, but it's a focused time. It's not like it's out of control.

"You only get to do this once, and in this case, once may be the only time you get to do it. It's a funny way to say it, but it's kind of true.

"I'm acutely aware of that and very respectful of the path I'm walking down. I'm glad that this happened to me now and not when I first started. It's a really good thing."

Jared says he adored working on 'Dallas Buyers Club' and felt he "really got to know" his troubled character.

He said: "She's an incredible, empathetic, beautiful dreamer. A heart the size of an ocean. She's an absolutely one-of-a-kind creature. So a lot of love and support for her as well.

"I feel like she became a person, a real person. Especially because I was so deep inside of her. I really feel like I got to know this person. It became like a living, breathing life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime role."

Leto had launched his career in 1994 teen drama 'My So-Called Life.'