TORONTO -- Juno Award-winning singer Jann Arden is being roasted online after speaking out in support of embattled TV cooking personality Paula Deen.

A day before the celebrity chef's teary-eyed appearance on the "Today" show to defend her past use of a racial slur, Arden took to Twitter to defend Deen.

First, the 51-year-old tweeted: "What 'they' are doing to Paula Deen is disgusting. Those in glass houses should not throw stones."

She continued by joking that the "N word" used by Deen was in fact "Nutella," but continued in an earnest defence of the chef, who specializes in down-home Southern cooking.

"Ironically, it's bigots who are going after Paula Deen's character. Like they are perfect citizens?...what a bunch of (BS)," Arden wrote. "You bunch of whities."

She then spent the ensuing 24 hours defending herself, as well as retweeting comments both complimentary and insulting to her more than 73,000 followers.

Although some empathized with Arden for having to endure "cowardly attacks," she also retweeted a user with the handle "wytchbird" who wrote: "That was @jannarden giving some advice on how to be insensitive (that's a joke about her crappy music)."

Still, even after the furious feedback, Arden was undaunted.

"I have enjoyed being called a racist today," she wrote Tuesday night. "Unreal. That could not be further from the truth. Love you Paula Deen. Hang in there."

She didn't budge from her position on Deen on Wednesday either, though she did try to clarify.

"I think letting the law decide what is appropriate for Paula would be applicable here. She is not guilty yet. That's all I am saying," she wrote.

Arden's consistently outspoken presence on Twitter has prompted possibly unwanted attention before.

Last year, the Springbank, Alta., native took to the social media service to complain that she had been ejected from a Via Rail train because she brought her small dog aboard. She added that she'd been left in the "middle of nowhere" in Oshawa -- and later had to apologize to the Ontario city.

And judging by some of her tweets Wednesday, the songwriter behind "Insensitive" and "Wonderdrug" wasn't necessarily enjoying the give-and-take with outraged commenters.

"Twitter is like being in the dentist chair for all eternity," she wrote.