He’s an Instagram celebrity with more than 11 million followers who is known for sharing images online of his lavish lifestyle, which includes a seemingly-endless array of glamorous parties, luxurious vacations, and private jets.

And now it appears that some of Gianluca Vacchi’s enviable assets have been seized by creditors… and it seems some people on social media couldn’t be happier about it.

The tattooed, body-building, 50-year-old Italian playboy has been living the good life and flaunting it ever since he decided to quit working for his family’s successful industrial empire to pursue a life of pleasure.

Vacchi’s popular Instagram account is filled with photos of the hedonistic millionaire posing on yachts, travelling in private jets and cavorting with a continuous stream of beautiful women, including his latest paramour, Ariadna Gutierrez, a former Miss Universe contestant.


Now i have to start thinking what i'll do as an adult man..��❤ #gvlifestyle @gutierrezary #gvlifestyle

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Ciao Moscow, i love you❤ #gvlifestyle #moscow

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All the way up... #gvlifestyle

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He even created his own catchphrase hashtag #Enjoy, which also became the title of his autobiography.

He reportedly affords his extravagant existence through payments he receives from his family’s company, The IMA group, which amount to approximately five million euros ($7 million) a year.

The payments don’t appear to be enough to sustain the Vacchi’s way of life, however, after Italian media reported that creditors seized one of his yachts, a few villas and his shares in a golf club over a debt of approximately 10.5 million euros ($15 million).

Vacchi has brushed off the reports, telling the Italian media that “it’s just a little debt,” but that didn’t stop the internet from delighting in the news, as memes and photos mocking the Italian braggart for his financial troubles appeared on Twitter and Instagram.

Meme creators superimposed an image of Vacchi on a plastic paddle boat adorned with his beloved catchphrase #Enjoy, for example.

Another altered photo showed Vacchi wearing swim trucks and pink sunglasses standing in the middle of a boat filled with refugees to demonstrate his drop in fortune.

One meme making the rounds online showed an edited image of Vacchi standing in line for a job in the movie The Fully Monty with the caption Full #Vacchi instead.