The owners of a family restaurant in southwestern Ontario say they’re still reeling from the unexpected shout out they received when their business was featured on the popular trivia show Jeopardy!

“Poutine with home fries at the Old King Bistro in Kitchener.”

That was the clue host Alex Trebek read out during Friday night’s episode, challenging contestants to identify which continent is home to certain breakfasts.

As soon as the question was asked, the owner of the Old King Bistro in Kitchener, Ont. said his phone immediately began to buzz while he was at work.

“I still wasn’t sure,” Ali Jesani told CTV Kitchener on Tuesday. “I thought someone was pulling my leg.”

Jesani’s mother, on the other hand, was quick to embrace the restaurant’s newfound fame.

“I felt goosebumps,” Amina Jesani recalled. “It’s really awesome.”

It appears the Jesanis weren’t the only ones to notice the high-profile shout out.

The following morning, Jesani said there were five new customers in the restaurant.

Their order?

“The Squire’s Rations,” the breakfast cited on Jeopardy! which is a breakfast poutine with home fries, veggies, curds, and over-easy eggs topped with hollandaise sauce.

As for how the trivia show’s writers learned of the Old King Bistro in the first place, Jesani said that’s one question he can’t answer.