TORONTO – It seems an unlikely pairing, but Twitter users in the U.K. have been reacting to the new Ikea U.K. Christmas advertisement that has an unusual narrator – that of grime star MC D Double E.

Grime music originated in London in the early 2000s, emerging from other genres like garage, jungle, electronic music and hip hop.

“By having D Double E do this track this is definitely the best Christmas ad of the year,” one Twitter user wrote Friday.

D Double E, real name Darren Dixon, is a member of the grime group Newham Generals, and is considered one of the genre’s pioneering MCs.

One Twitter user spoofed Ikea U.K.’s online stock, making it appear that one of their wardrobes had been renamed “BlukuBluku” a reference to a 2011 D Double E song with the same name.

In the ad, D Double E’s voice raps through various household objects, telling a family that it’s time to update their home.

“Silence the critics,” marks the advertisement’s tagline.