A Michigan comedian has turned comments from Shania Twain’s Facebook fan page into a loving, and at times awkward, musical tribute to the Canadian singer and songwriter.

Hot Dad, also known as Erik Helwig, posted the nearly six-minute opus to his YouTube channel on Wednesday. All of the lyrics are comments about the Juno Award-winning artist from Timmins, Ont. that were posted on her public Facebook page. The names and photos of the commenters are blurred out in the video to protect their privacy.

The song, titled This Wonderful Woman That You Are (Song for Shania), is scored with a synthesized beat that is likely familiar to those who remember the 1980s.

“A stunning beauty with the voice of a Angel,” is how the ballad begins. Hot Dad pulls no punches when it comes to grammar and spelling, pronouncing every word exactly as it was written.

The majority of the comments in the song compliment Twain, for example, “Please send a ticket to see you gorgeous,” and “Well i would love to meat you dear i love all your music.”

Others strike a more provocative tone.

“I got some money, I got a reasonably good heart, but I am low on libido . . . at this age.”

“Don’t know why no one mentioned the cleavage.” This comment included several emojis with bulging heart-shaped eyes.

“I’m not a stalker nor a weirdo. I am just a fan of beautiful ladies. Shania is one of those to the bone. XOXO, only if she will allow it.”

“You go girl hears a siber kiss.”

The song’s chorus simply cannot be explained. “A donut, a mustang, a parking lot . . . Shania.”

The video has been viewed more than 14,000 times.