Rock ‘n roll pioneer Chuck Berry influenced everyone from The Beatles to AC/DC.

He died Saturday at the age of 90, according to police in St. Charles County, Mo.

Here’s a look at five of his greatest chart-topping hits, according to the Billboard charts.



Berry’s first recorded single was the 1955 hit “Maybellene,” which is also often considered one of the first rock songs. The single spent nine weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s R&B chart.

Roll Over Beethoven

This 1956 single peaked at No. 7 on Billboard’s R&B chart and was covered by bands ranging from The Beatles to Iron Maiden.

Johnny B. Goode

This hit is one of Berry’s most recognized songs among younger generations, largely due to its presence in "Back To The Future." The single reached No. 9 on Billboard’s pop chart (now known as the Hot 100) and was included on the record sent to space on Voyager I in 1977.


Berry’s 1959 hit “Carol” peaked at No. 9 on what is now known as Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs in 1959 and has been covered by both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, who included the song on their first album.

School Days

The 1957 hit “School Days” peaked at No. 3 on the pop chart and was later covered by AC/DC.