A California-based artist has created a giant mirrored structure that comments on our increasing obsession with selfies.

"Screen Identity" is a seven-foot wooden sculpture of a smartphone that features a mirror as its screen. It is big enough to frame the entire body of those who approach it, reinforcing the idea that as a society, we are living more and more "inside our phones."

"It is an attempt to comment on our generation's obsession with selfies and the fact that much of our lives are now lived inside a phone," explained artist and designer Gabe Ferreira in an email to Relaxnews.

The piece was displayed at California State University Long Beach in Long Beach, California, back in March, exhibited with a plaque prompting viewers to hashtag any photos, posts, or selfies related to (or taken with) the piece with "#ultimateselfie."

According to Ferreira, the response confirmed suspicions that we are becoming obsessed with selfies, as "any mirror becomes an opportunity to share your face with the world."

"Screen Identity" will be displayed throughout various locations in Southern California over the coming months, with Venice Beach the next scheduled location, in late April.