The superhero family's second big-screen adventure -- in theaters this summer -- now has a trailer. The roles are reversed in this second installment, as Elastigirl heads off on a mission leaving her husband home alone with the kids, including the unpredictable Jack-Jack.

After an initial teaser in November, which didn't reveal much, Pixar has now released a more comprehensive trailer for "The Incredibles 2." While Helen is called away on a new mission, Mr. Incredible is left to look after their three kids. Parenting challenges include helping Dash with math homework and taking care of baby Jack-Jack, whose powers are starting to develop.

Directed by Brad Bird, who also helmed the original 2004 movie, "The Incredibles 2" is slated for release June 15, 2018. It follows Pixar's latest movie "Coco," which has two Oscar nominations at the 90th Academy Awards in March.