TORONTO -- Statistics Canada has curated a variety of playlists featuring talent from across the country for Canadians to listen to as they fill out their 2021 census questionnaire.

The agency says Canadians are encouraged to listen to the playlists to "experience the different facets of Canadian culture through the sounds of our celebrated musical talent."

"If these songs aren't already among your favourite tracks, we hope that you have the opportunity to discover something new as you fill out your questionnaire online in May," StatCan said.

Some of the music choices include "Voices of the North," a collection of sounds produced by Indigenous artists; "Spark & soul," tunes from Canadian chart toppers; "Friday night kitchen party," music from Canada's country favourites; and "Golden age," featuring legendary Canadian rock songs.

Some of the Canadian artists featured in the playlists include Neil Young, A Tribe Called Red, Shawn Mendes, Tenille Townes and Drake.

StatCan says the playlists can be streamed on Spotify or YouTube.

"Get comfortable, press play, and let’s experience Canada’s musical talent together," StatCan said.

Every five years, the Canada conducts a national census to help the government plan for the future in regards to health care, public transit and education.

All Canadians are required to take part in the census.

This year, StatCan has mailed out online access codes to Canadians so the questionnaire can be filled out online amid the COVID-19 pandemic.