A “Jeopardy!” contestant’s controversial winning strategy has caused uproar among die-hard “Jeopardy!” fans, with some blasting the 30-year-old’s strategy, and others praising his genius.

Arthur Chu has won more than $100,000 on the trivia show using various tactics, including the “Forrest Bounce,” named after Chuck Forrest who achieved “Jeopardy!” fame in the 1980s.      

“True JEOPARDY devotees should appreciate the added level of excitement that #arthurchu adds with his well-studied game manipulation!!!!” one person tweeted.

“#arthurchu I have been waiting for a #jeopardy player to do this for years. I applaud you changing Jeopardy forever,” another tweeted.

Instead of playing one category at a time from top to bottom, Chu jumps from one category to a completely different one.

“It takes a little time for people’s mental gears to catch up,” Chu told ABC News’ Linsey Davis. “And if you’re the one who knows what’s coming next because you’re picking it and you’re leaving your opponents behind a little bit, it gives you that edge.”

The show features quiz questions with clues in the form of answers, which contestants must respond to in question form. There are six different categories containing a column of five clues -- each valued more than the previous clue.

After the host reads the clue, any of the three contestants may ring-in to respond.

Chu also hunts for the coveted Daily Double, typically hidden in the bottom two rows. Only the contestant who picks the Daily Double can give a response. And when Chu doesn’t think he'll know the answer to a Daily Double question, he’ll bet the minimum amount of $5, just so other contestants don’t get the opportunity to answer it.

While he’s nowhere near Ken Jennings’ record of 74 wins, Chu has already won four games in a row and is set to return to the show on Feb. 24.

Meantime, the player has offended some “Jeopardy!” fans with his unconventional strategies.

“This is the face of a Jeopardy villain. Can anyone stop #arthurchu,” one person wrote on Twitter.