Ellie Goulding often feels lonely.

The 'Anything Could Happen' singer is dating dubstep artist Skrillex and while she is very happy with him, she says their busy careers mean they spend a lot of time apart and she regularly feels as if there's no one there to support and understand her.

She said: "If someone asked me what emotion I felt the most it would be loneliness. My boyfriend travels around the world constantly. We see each other maybe once a month. So there's that, but there's also the loneliness of feeling you're the only person who can do things the way you want to do them. I can be in a room with a bunch of friends and still feel pretty alone. I think I've always been like that, though."

Ellie, 25, admits making her new album 'Halcyon' was a tough experience because she felt completely on her own, even though she was working with a lot of people.

She told Culture magazine: "Making this record has definitely been the loneliest experience of my life -- whether people have been there or not. I think part of me will always be like that, even during periods of happiness."