TORONTO -- Edmonton stand-up comedian Lars Calleiou is bringing his jokes to the hard of hearing by adapting his routine to include live captioning.

“I always wanted my jokes to read funny so this is a test to see if they’re as funny on paper as I’d like to think they are,” Calleiou said to CTV Edmonton’s Graham Neil.

The idea for the captioned stand-up comedy show came after Crystal Jones, who is hard of hearing, sent a Twitter message to Calleiou saying that she had always wanted to watch him perform, and whether he would be interested in doing a show.

“I’m really excited,” Jones said before Calleiou’s performance this week. “I’ve never been to a comedy show so it’s going to be a first-hand experience for me.”

A captioned show may seem like an easy solution to be inclusive to the deaf and hard of hearing, but Cindy Gordon from the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association says that people in that community “miss everything” when it comes to comedy.

“Typically hard of hearing people can never go to comedy; we miss every punchline,” Gordon said. “We want to be part of society, we’ve been cut out too long.”

Calleiou is happy to help.

“The jokes will play,” he said. “It’s a universal language.”