Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be portrayed by a Canadian reporter in the Canada-themed episode of “The Simpsons” entitled ‘D’oh Canada,” airing this Sunday.

Newstalk 1010 reporter Lucas Meyer -- who went viral in 2017 for his impressions of Dr. Phil, Drake, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and sports commentator Don Cherry -- announced he’ll be guest-starring on the long-running show as Canada’s prime minister on Twitter.

He wrote, “Ay Caramba! I will be a guest voice on The Simpsons this Sunday as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

“I’m a little bit overwhelmed right now … it’s been a little bit of a whirlwind,” the Newstalk 1010 anchor told over the phone. “It’s just so much fun, you know?”

The season 30 episode "D'oh Canada” episode airing this Sunday, will be about the Simpson family taking a trip to Niagara Falls and Lisa being mistakenly given political asylum in Canada, according to the episode’s synopsis.

Without delving into spoiler territory, the Simpsons will “evaluate their love for America as they navigate the polite Canadian landscape.”

“Now to be clear, I’m definitely not a star, just a handful of lines, but to be part of a show of my youth is insane,” he tweeted on Monday.

“It all came together in the fall and originally it was supposed to air a year from when I voiced it. But that changed … so now they’re airing it this Sunday,” said Meyer, the former 660 News reporter.

The cameo offer came out of the blue after a casting director from the show reached out last September and praised his Trudeau impression. He auditioned over the phone that day and Meyer recorded his lines a few weeks afterward that initial call. And until only recently, Meyer has had to keep his role a secret.

He, who's covered sports and politics, said he didn’t get to meet any of the cast members of the show.

“It’s still kind of surreal – especially as someone who grew up on the show,” he said, adding his role on the show is ironic. “I was one of those kids whose parents said, ‘you’re not allowed to watch the program’ -- which made me want to watch it even more.”

Meyer joked that he’s open to a future in voice acting as he easily slips into impressions of classic Simpsons’ characters like Mr. Burns, Nelson Muntz, Dr. Hibbert and Ralph Wiggum.

Author Judy Blume will also be voicing herself in the episode, according to The Futon Critic, which provides information on programming for U.S. broadcast and cable networks.


Trudeau isn't the only elected official he can mimic

Meyer has been doing impressions for years and started as a kid imitating characters from his favorite movies for his family.

In a weird twist, he’s has actually covered Trudeau as a reporter and was one of the journalists probing him to answer questions as the revelations of the SNC-Lavalin affair were breaking.

Besides his Trudeau impression, Meyer is also skilled at impersonating other elected officials.

These include Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and, of course, former reality TV show billionaire and now U.S. president, Donald Trump.

He also has impressions of Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby, former CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge and actors James Earl Jones and Christopher Walken all under his belt.

Canada has been referenced dozens of times throughout the show’s long history, including an episode where Homer smuggles cheap prescription drugs out of Canada and when the family visits Toronto and Bart joins the Canadian national basketball team.

With many of the past writers being Canadian themselves, we shouldn’t be too offended when Marge once declared she loved Canada because: "it's so clean and bland; I'm home!"

The episode airs on April 28.