Cynthia Nixon and her wife didn't obey tradition on their wedding day.

The actress married her long-term partner Christine Marinoni in New York in May and Nixon revealed the couple didn't try to keep their outfits a secret from each other before the ceremony and even got ready together on their big day.

She said: "My wife and I were not at all traditional about not seeing each other before the wedding. I sent her pictures from my various fittings. I won't say what she said to me about it - it's personal - but she said many nice things.

"The day of the wedding, we dressed together at the venue with our kids upstairs."

However, the couple - who raise 19-month-old son Max, as well as kids Samantha, 16, and nine-year-old Charles from Nixon’s marriage to Danny Mozes together - did follow tradition in some respects.

Nixon explained to America's ELLE magazine: "I did hold on to a different tradition. I managed to wear something borrowed, a brooch that's an heirloom in my wife's family; something blue, my sapphire ring; something new, my dress and something old, me."