Chris Brown plans to stay faithful to Rihanna on tour.

The 'Don't Wake Me Up' has no interest in cheating on the 24-year-old 'Diamonds' singer -- who he recently reunited with despite still being under supervised probation for beating her in 2009 -- and plans to focus all her energy on his performances.

A source close to the 22-year-old R&B star told "When [he's] on tour, he won't be messing with other women. People always think that when [he] is away and out of the country, like he will be, that it's all fun and games.'s the opposite."

The singer -- who begins a tour of Europe and Africa next week -- is hoping to win rave reviews for his concerts and reportedly doesn't want any distractions.

The insider said: "He on his grind and [he] gots to sell tickets and come with it. If he bombs at one show, that would f**k with his confidence, so he focusing on business and on giving his fans everything! The last thing that Chris wants is for people to start clowning, saying he ain't delivering and s**t like that."

Last week sources revealed that the couple plan to spend a lot of time on the phone during Chris's tour and Rihanna might even be joining him for a few days on the road.

The popstar tweeted a picture of herself on Sunday in a bikini by a pool from her native Barbados where she is currently celebrating completing her new album 'Unapologetic' that will be released later this month.

She wrote: "We havin a celebration... WE HAVE AN ALBUM!!! #UNAPOLOGETIC (sic)".