Video of an Ontario woman's impromptu rap at a U.S. drug store is gaining her fans before her first EP is even released.

Singer-songwriter Stacey Kay shared the video to Facebook, featuring her cover of a fast Busta Rhymes verse in Chris Brown's song "Look At Me Now.”

Kay is from Cambridge, Ont., a community approximately 100 kilometres southwest of Toronto. She appeared on America's Got Talent, performs in the Toronto-based a cappella group Eh440, and has a self-titled EP due to be released soon.

Eh440 posted the cellphone video of her performance in a Walgreens drug store in Charleston, S.C., with the caption: "This happened."

Kay told that the spontaneous performance occurred as she and a bandmate were shopping for tweezers. Four employees came to help them, and the group got to talking.

"The girls all had amazing, very dramatic and wonderful personalities that you would only find in a movie," Kay said Wednesday.

"Once they found out we were performers, they demanded a performance."

The performance was caught on a cellphone camera, and the video was posted by the group on Jan. 28, then shared by Stacey the same day.

"This was literally the best moment of my life," Kay wrote when she shared the clip.

The video shows Kay quickly rapping the tongue-tying lyrics, while employees in the background cheer her on and dance. The 50-second clip ends with the employees giving her hugs and high-fives.

"We loved those girls immediately, and they made our song even better," she told CTV.

Since posting, the video has gone viral, being viewed more than 111,502 times on Facebook as of Wednesday morning. On YouTube, the video has been seen another 50,000 times since it was posted on Feb. 1.

"Every morning I wake up now, I have an overwhelming amount of messages and new fans. It's crazy!" Kay said.

"I am so excited that I got to rap and share this amazing moment with strangers that I just met, and then everyone around the world was able to see what happened."

Kay said she hopes the video helps her career. She wants to reunite with the Walgreens employees in the video "and go on tour with Beyonce."


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Posted by Eh440 on Thursday, January 28, 2016