If anyone understands how Oscar presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are probably feeling this morning, it’s Steve Harvey.

The comedian and TV and radio personality is offering his support and expertise on how to recover from public embarrassment after the two veteran actors read the wrong Best Picture winner during Sunday night’s Oscars.

“Call me Warren Beatty. I can help you get through this! #Oscars,” Harvey tweeted Monday morning, following his radio show talk where he addressed the incident.

In a bizarre and unprecedented flub, Beatty and Dunaway mistakenly announced “La La Land” as the winner instead of “Moonlight” as a result of some sort of envelope mix up.

If this awkward and admittedly mildly entertaining scenario seemed familiar, Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel made sure everyone was on the same page with a reminder of Harvey’s infamous Miss Universe blunder in 2015.

“This is very unfortunate what happened,” Kimmel announced soon after the error was revealed. “Personally, I blame Steve Harvey for this.”

Harvey went down in award show history, and became the brunt of endless online jokes, when he crowned Miss Colombia as the 2015 Miss Universe pageant winner instead of the true winner, Miss Philippines.

The internet delighted in poking fun at Harvey following the cringe-worthy moment when the crown was taken off Miss Colombia’s head, mid-celebration, and given to the real winner.

As the Best Picture Oscar snafu was exposed and the Oscar was handed to the actual winners, social media users leapt at the opportunity to rekindle their fondness for memes and gifs featuring Harvey.

Many watchers attempted to guess how the long-suffering comedian was reacting to the award show snafu.

A number of Twitter users pointed out that Harvey could now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing he isn’t the only one to make such a mistake.

Harvey appeared to be revelling in the unexpected attention and even posted a couple of tongue-in-cheek tweets himself on Monday morning alluding to the incident and plugging his radio show.

The radio host expressed his sympathy to Beatty and shared his personal experience being at the centre of such a firestorm of controversy.

“Yeah, I know all about this. I know more than anyone else in the world about this," Harvey said. “I am the creator of these moments, the epicurean of this.”

Harvey also went on to defend Beatty for the flub and attempted to defuse some of the online criticism directed at the actor.

“Because Warren Beatty made this mistake, does he have to die? Should he lose his life for this? Y'all want to kill him? He needs security because of this," he said.

The radio host gave credit to the Oscars’ producers for owning up to the mistake in a timely fashion, as opposed to what happened during the Miss Universe pageant. He also had a direct message for Beatty during the show.

“Warren I know your pain. I can help Warren get through this. I'ma (sic) show him how to handle it with dignity and grace,” Harvey said. “Call me Warren, baby."

Even the Miss Universe Twitter account got in on the fun by tweeting out a message to producers of the Oscars.