Michael Buble's wife threw his clothes in their swimming pool - several times.

Argentinean model Luisana Lopilato - who married the Canadian singer last April - took drastic action to "train" her spouse because she was tired of his messy ways.

She said: "I got so fed up with Michael leaving all his clothes lying on the floor that I threw them all in the swimming pool.

"I did it several times. I can't say that I have trained him but he tries very hard when he's with me now."

The 'Haven't Met You Yet' singer is very competitive and though Luisana admits she rarely wins in any activities they play, her spouse can't stand losing.

She added to You magazine: "I only beat him in a game we have in Argentina called Metegol - table football - and he didn't like it when I won and said to him 'Today I am your teacher.' "

Despite this, jealousy is one thing the couple don't have a problem with - Luisana revealed that she is more than comfortable with Michael's endless female fan-base.

She said: "I always say it's OK for him to be this romantic idol on stage - that's his job - but not off stage."