Anti-collusion rule? Paying bribes to avoid going to jail? Hasbro, the company behind the classic board game Monopoly, is asking fans to help select new "house rules" for future editions of the game.

In the latest effort to modernize the 79-year-old board game, Hasbro has opened up debate on 10 of Monopoly's most popular "house rules" via the game's Facebook page.

The debate was kicked off on Tuesday and is scheduled to end on April 3. During this time, one of the game's "house rules" will be posted to the Facebook page every day, with fans being asked to comment on it.

Hasbro acknowledged that while there are “official” game rules, there are also a slew of popular “house rules” that players may or may not use.

The company said that while the official rules will remain the same, the top crowdsourced "house rules" will be incorporated into a special edition to be released this fall. The new “house rules” will also be included in the classic 2015 Monopoly game guide.

Here are some of the top "house rules" that have been put up for debate so far:

  • If a player lands on the "Go" square, they get to double their "salary" and take $400 Monopoly dollars instead of $200;
  • If a player rolls “snake eyes” (two “ones”) they get to collect $500 Monopoly dollars;
  • If a player lands in jail, they can't collect rent from the other players;

The online discussion has been garnering some passionate commentary, with Monopoly fans suggesting new rules and sharing some of the creative ones they're already using.

"Has anyone else played with the 'anti-collusion' rule? If two players share the same space on the board, they both immediately go to jail," user John Jacobson said on the Facebook page.

Meanwhile another fan, Iain Neilson, suggested on Facebook that there should be a "corrupt cops" rule, under which a player pays a set amount of $1,000 Monopoly dollars to avoid going to jail, and instead sends someone else in their place.

And fan Sharon Highfield said her family plays with a "mob" rule, which allows players to "reach across the board and take your hotels and then charge you double to stay at them."

This isn't the first time Hasbro has sought advice from fans online on how to tweak Monopoly. Last year, fans of the game were asked to help choose a new game token. And after a fan vote , the iron token was replaced by a new cat token.

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