(Relaxnews) - May 1 will see Sheldon, Raj, Howard and friends get together to celebrate Star Wars Day in a special episode called "The Proton Transmogrification."

American comedian Bob Newhart returns for a third cameo after appearing in two other protonically titled episodes last year.

The official crossover means that Lucasfilm and CBS cooperated to create a set based on Dagobah, Yoda's swampy residence, with effects house Industrial Light & Magic along for the ride, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Newhart, who has accumulated a collection of awards that includes three Grammys, a Primetime Emmy and a Peabody Award, is to appear as a mystery character from the Star Wars universe, as Jedi master to introverted genius Sheldon.

Insider talk is that a "Star Wars VII" announcement is also being prepped for Star Wars Day itself, May 4.