A new unauthorized exhibition featuring the famous works of political graffiti artist Banksy will make its North American debut in Toronto on June 13.

Curated by Steve Lazarides, “The Art of Banksy” is a variation of a show that has travelled around the world, surfacing in Israel, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and most recently, Germany.

Banksy, whose identity remains a secret, has become an international sensation thanks to his striking artwork.

“He belongs to the general public, and they deserve the right to see it,” Lazarides, Banksy’s former manager, told CTV Toronto. “At the moment, the museums aren’t putting this kind of work in the museums so the only way for us to get this out for them to see is by bringing it on the road.”

Over $35 million in original art will be on display, including the street artist’s well-known “Balloon Girl” painting which depicts a young girl letting go of a red heart-shaped balloon. All of it is from private collectors and will only be exhibited at an old ammunitions factory in the city’s west end for a short time, CTV Toronto reports.

“It’s this huge space … Long and high with two cranes still in there,” Michael Boersma, an employee of concert promoter Live Nation, said about the unique showroom. “We are going to use one of them in the exhibition.” 

Tickets for “The Art of Banksy” go on sale Saturday.