The family behind December’s popular "#Xmas Jammies" parody song is back with a new back-to-school-video, "Baby Got Class."

In the Sir Mix-a-Lot parody, the Holderness family dance around a yellow school bus and rap about how excited they are for school to begin and how overwhelming back-to-school shopping is.

Penn Holderness and Kim Dean Holderness live in Raleigh, N. C. with their two children, Lola and Penn Charles.

Penn has worked as a TV host, reporter and news anchor, but the family’s website says he quit his job to run a production and marketing company with his wife. Kim is a former news reporter.

The family dedicates the song to "the amazing teachers who take care of our kids all year long and don’t make enough money."

In the comments under the video, the Holderness parents add that both of their own parents were teachers. They also thank all the bus drivers, administrators and support staff "who teach and love our children."