Hell hath no fury like a Winnipeger scorned.

To be fair, it's still not clear whether Rob Lowe was referring to the bar he was in, or the city, when he angrily tweeted that he was #trappedinahellhole when council election results interrupted his NBA-watching.

But he sure found out fast that you can't seem to disrespect The Peg and get away with it (not on Twitter, anyway!).

A sample of the backlash delivered by Winnipeggers (in 140 characters or less) to @RobLowe:

Tonight, our reporter in Winnipeg @JillMacyshonCTV will have more reaction to the tweet that got the Hollywood actor in hot water. And you'll see that Lowe's not the only one who's dissed the city some refer to as the Heart of the Continent.

Here's my message to Rob - I’ve been to hell holes and Winnipeg isn’t even on the same map!

See you at 11.