LONDON -- Climate protesters sought to block two major roads into London on Wednesday, despite court injunctions banning them from disrupting traffic.

Activists from the group Insulate Britain, which wants the government to better insulate homes in the country to cut carbon emissions, targeted two busy roads leading into the capital during the morning rush hour.

Kent Police said they arrested 14 people, including some who had glued themselves to the road surface. The protesters were detained on suspicion of obstructing a highway or conspiring to cause a public nuisance.

The protests came after four court injunctions were taken out against the group, which meant that activists could be jailed if they block highways.

Insulate Britain has targeted busy roads and brought some streets in London's financial district to a standstill in numerous protests over recent weeks to make their voices heard.

Protester Amy Pritchard, who said she has been arrested 11 times since September, said she felt the group's cause was more important than any legal consequences she would face.

“We will continue until our demands are met and we are prevented from doing this,” she said. “The decarbonization at the speed and scale that is necessary is more important than the legal consequences for us all individually.”