A 10-year-old angler from Prince Edward Island may have landed himself a record-setting catch, after he hauled in a 486-pound (220-kilogram) bluefin tuna over the weekend.

Koen Norton caught the tuna while fishing on the Atlantic Ocean with his father, Gregory, near P.E.I. The father-and-son team are now waiting to hear from the Guinness Book of World Records to find out if it's the biggest fish ever caught by a 10-year-old using the stand-up fishing technique.

Koen spent an hour in a fishing pole harness with the tuna on the end of his line, reeling it in bit by bit, until he and his father were able to bring the fish back to shore.

That hour-long struggle was "chaos," Koen told CTV's Canada AM.

He said he's been practising his stand-up technique all summer.