Channing Tatum is opening a bar in New Orleans.

The "21 Jump Street" actor wants to help people "party and go crazy" in the city, and plans to open his Saints and Sinners establishment in the coming months in the Bourbon Street district.

He said: "I don't think I'd ever open a bar anywhere else really, because I don't want to try to get people there. But people come to New Orleans with a little bit of money in their pocket and they have one thing they want to do with it - and that's spend it and party with it and go crazy. And I want to help facilitate that."

Channing -- whose father hails from New Orleans -- spent time filming '21 Jump Street' in the city and he and co-star Jonah Hill fell in love with the "spirit" of the place.

He added to The Times-Picayune newspaper: "I love New Orleans, man. I love the spirit of New Orleans.

"I think Jonah wrapped it up perfectly. He said it's like the bad-kid island in "Pinocchio;" The Bourbon Street area, Frenchmen, everything. It's just such a vibrant place. I love it down there."