Channing Tatum wouldn't encourage people to see his films on a first date.

The actor -- who is currently starring in romantic movie 'The Vow' alongside Rachel McAdams -- thinks it is weird to go to a cinema before you know someone well as you spend the whole time not talking.

He said: "What would make an ideal first date? Not going to the movies, I never understood that. Take a first date to the movies and you just sit and don't talk."

Rachel -- who is currently dating British actor Michael Sheen -- also thinks a meal can be "awkward" because of the way people look when they eat.

She added in an interview with radio station Magic 105.4: "Dinner is awkward too. I guess it depends on what you are eating, crab claws or ribs. Even salad with big lettuce leaves, sticking out of your face!"

Channing is married to actress Jenna Dewan, and he reveals the pair have little planned for Valentine's Day on Tuesday.

He added: "Having some time with my wife chilling out. I don't actually have anything planned, we're really busy. I just want to have some alone time and that would be amazing!"