Chace Crawford has admitted he used to be a "geek."

The 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' actor admits he wasn't very fashionable when he was at school, and his awkward look was made worse by his clumsy habits.

He said: "I was a geek. I had braces and wore terrible shell necklaces. Then I went through the blond highlight phase - my mum did it for me. It was terribly American!

"I used to spill a lot of food all over me, that was my kind of thing. It's not a very good thing to have. It was usually ketchup.

"I went to college orientation day with my parents once, and we ate at a taco place first... When I bit into it, the grease went straight through the grated table.

"It shot out all over my khaki pants. It was gross! My parents got a great laugh, and I had to change my trousers."

Chace is currently single but admits appearing in pregnancy movie 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' made him want to have a family - though he thinks he needs to "test" himself with a series of pets before caring for a child.

He joked to Reveal magazine: "Maybe I'll test my responsibility with a puppy at first. Or I might start out with a hamster, then move up to a ferret, then I'll get a dog and figure out where I need to go from there.

"Then I need to find the right girl."